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Quadrat 2022 (WIP)

Work-in-progress: durational attentional dance practice in collaboration with Glasgow based dance-artist Freya Jeffs.

Quadrat 2022 is a collaborative project between dance artists Sue Hawksley and Freya Jeffs, based in Adelaide, South Australia and Glasgow, Scotland respectively. Once a week throughout 2022, each of us will spend time in a 2m x 2m outdoor location, engaging in a mindful observation practice to observe the site, and monitor how it grows & changes over time. We'll take notes, sketches, memories, images, poetry, etc. about...

• sensation - things observed around you - i.e. sight, sound, smell, taste

• somatic experience - things felt in you - i.e. physical, emotional response

• study - things learned - making notes and researching into things not known before

Freya's quadrat is located in the garden of her Glasgow tenement block; Sue's is in bushland at her home in the Adelaide Hills. Each of our visit will be different, changes in the weather, our mood & energy levels, our choices about the scale of our observations (close-up/long-distance), variations in our directional facing, position, level, eyes open/closed...

We'll use our notes and memories to create short dance/movement responses to each observation, gradually building solo movement material on a weekly basis. Every quarter we we'll exchange some of our notes and build another body of movement material responding to those notes. At the end of the year we'll come together, either virtually or in a studio if international travel is feasible, to work out what has grown out of this collection of observations, notes and responses.