Sue Hawksley

Photo: Maria Falconer

Dr. Sue Hawksley, an Adelaide-based independent dance artist, and artistic director of articulate animal. Her creative and choreographic practice is primarily concerned with movement, embodiment and environment, and she is particularly interested in interdisciplinary and collaborative practices. Nowadays, Sue is usually to be found outdoors. She works in environmental conservation & habitat restoration, which profoundly influences the current focus of her dance practice.

Sue trained with Shirley Rees-Edwards and at the Royal Ballet School, London, and has performed with major international companies including Rambert Dance Company, Mantis, Scottish Ballet and cie. Philippe Genty, working with choreographers such as Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown, Siobhan Davies, Richard Alston, Ashley Page and Michael Clark.

She holds a PhD in Dance & Choreography from the University of Edinburgh (Ediburgh College of Art), and has extensive experience as a dance educator. Lecturing posts include University of Bedfordshire, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance, the Royal Ballet School and University of Leeds.

Sue is also a massage and bodywork therapist with 30+ years experience. Her distinctive treatments draw on her professional dancer's knowledge of movement.

Sue Hawksley: full cv

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> choreography
> performance
> grants & awards
> academic & teaching
> massage & bodywork


2008-12 - University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art. PhD in Dance/Choreography
1980-83 - Royal Ballet School, London. Teaching Diploma Dip. RBS (TTC); A levels
1975-80 - Mountbatten School, Romsey. O-levels
1975-80 - Southern Ballet School, Bournemouth



2023 - Change Around Time
2022 - Dwell: landscape in the figure
 WIP - Reasons to stand on one leg
2015 - danced process #2 : in-site
2014 - Crosstalk
2011 - haptic_dance
2011 - Traces of Places
2010 - Bodytext
2010 - InTensions
2009 - re-membering(s)
2008 - Blowup
2008 - danced process #1 : talking-while-dancing
2007 - carrier

OTHER PROJECTS (including choreography and performance commissioned for other artists' works)

2020 - From the Inside [Tokuremoar]
2019 - Double Agent
2012 - Drifts through Debris
2009 - mutsugoto
2006 - passport
2003 - on the shores of Asia, or in the Edgeware Road
2002 - I am I was (a dying swan)
2001 - spinning jenny
1998 - the waiting room


Change Around Time - performance for screendance work.
X - performer in live-streamed improvised event, Dance Hub SA, Adelaide.

Dwell: landscape in the figure - performance for screendance work

Glasshouse - performer for VR dance work. chor: Sarah Neville.

From the Inside (Tokuremoar) - performance for group exhibition, Signal Point Gallery, Goolwa.
Open Your World - promotional video for the launch of Wellbeing SA, a South Australian government initiative campaigning for health & wellbeing, May 2020. ► Open Your World

Reasons to Stand On One Leg - Rough Draft platform, ADT, Adelaide; SUE Foreshore Festival, Port Noarlunga.
From the Inside (Tokuremoar) - performance for group exhibition opening event, Praxis artspace, Adelaide.

Double Agent - Interactive installation by visual artist Simon Biggs, gallery opening event, Museum of Discovery, Adelaide.
Back in Babies Arms - dance-film by Billie Cook, SALA @ Light Gallery, Adelaide. ► Back in Babies Arms

in-site - Rough Draft platform, ADT, Adelaide.

Crosstalk - ASU Art Museum, Tempe, AZ.
Crosstalk - 'Glitch'd' workshop, Edinburgh International Festival 2013, University of Edinburgh.

Bodytext - Vanderhoef Studio Theater, Mondavi Centre, UC Davis.
haptic_dance - Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh.

Blowup - Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland.

Bodytext - Critical Path, Sydney
Bodytext - InSpace, Edinburgh.
Bodytext - Dance Live! 10 Festival, Woodend Barn, Banchory.

re-membering(s) - Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Dance Base, Edinburgh.
re-membering(s) - Dance Live! 09 Festival, Woodend Barn, Banchory.
Mutsugoto - CCA Glasgow.

danced process #1 - Sculpture Court, Edinburgh College of Art.
just dancing (about?) - Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Dance Base, Edinburgh.

Blowup - Alt-w New Directions in Scottish Culture exhibition, CCA Glasgow.
carrier - Dance Live! 07 Festival, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen.

I am I was (a dying swan) - Resolution! 2002, The Place, London.

Halo - Fabrica Gallery, Brighton. Interactive installation by Simon Biggs, chor: Sarah Rubidge.

Cie. Philippe Genty, Paris - International touring
Derives | Desirs Parade - dir: Philippe Genty, chor: Mary Genty.

The Magic Flute - Opera Bastille. Paris - dir: Robert Wilson, chor: Andy de Groat.

Julietta - Ventura Danza Contemporanea, Madrid - chor: Pablo Ventura
La Bayedere - Cie Red Notes, Paris - chor: Andy de Groat
Orlando - Batignano Opera Festival, Italy - dir. and chor: Ian Spink.

Carmen - Opera North, Leeds - dir: Tim Hopkins, chor: Ian Spink.

Vertical Balcony, a Real Gazebo - Arnolfini, Bristol; Tramway, Glasgow. Duet with Bruce McLean.
BBC2 dancehouse - Dancefilm with Laurie Booth and Russell Maliphant - chor: Laurie Booth

Rambert Dance Company, London - International touring
Opal Loop - chor: Trisha Brown
Septet | Doubles - chor: Merce Cunningham
Strong Language | Cinema | Pulcinella | Zansa | Dutiful Ducks | Rhapsody in Blue | Java | Pulua Dewata - chor: Richard Alston
Swamp - chor: Michael Clark
Rushes | Signature - chor: Siobhan Davies
Soldat | Carmen Arcadia Momentum Perpetuae - chor: Ashley Page
Night with Waning Moon - chor: Christopher Bruce
Dark Elegies chor: Anthony Tudor
Mates - chor: David Gordon
Filmed for TV: Pulcinella | Strong Language

Accident Ballroom | Refurbished Behaviour - Dance Umbrella, London - chor: Ashley Page

Mantis Dance Company, London - National touring
Stage Seven | Faust | Mouth of the Night - chor: Micha Bergese
Works by Tim Buckley; Risa Jaraslow.

Cinderella - Scottish Ballet, Glasgow - chor. Peter Darrell

grants, awards, residencies

2023 - Dance.Focus dancefilm commission: Dance Hub SA & AusDance ACT.
2021 - Australian Government Regional Arts Fund Project grant, SA
2013 - Artists Residency: Bundanon Trust, NSW
2012 - Choreographic Residency: Dance Base, Edinburgh
2011 - Creative Residencies: The Workroom, Glasgow & Dance House Glasgow
2010 - Artists Residencies: Bundanon Trust; VIPRe Lab, UWS
2009 - Choreographic Residency: Dance Base Edinburgh
2008 - The Edinburgh Studentship: Fully funded PhD, University of Edinburgh
2008 - New Media Scotland Alt-W award
2008 - Choreographic Residency: Dance Base Edinburgh
2007 - Choreographic commission: Citymoves dance agency, Aberdeen.
2007 - Choreographic Lab: Dance House Glasgow
2007 - Professional Development Funding: Scottish Arts Council
2001 - R&D funding: East Midland Arts
2000 - Millennium Awards Fund: R&D funding

academic & teaching


2012-14 - University of Bedfordshire. Senior Lecturer in Dance
2011-12 - Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Lecturer in Contemporary Dance
2007-11 - Scottish School of Contemporary Dance. Associate Lecturer in Dance
2002-06 - Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Lecturer
       2001 - Royal Ballet School, London. Contemporary dance teacher
2001-02 - University of Derby. PT Dance lecturer
2001-02 - University of Leeds. PT Movement tutor


Professional and community level classes and workshops including Dance Base Edinburgh, Michael Clark Company, Scottish Ballet, AMP, Scottish Dance Theatre, Danceworks London, Pineapple Dance.

Sue's dance and movement classes draw on a broad range of influences from contemporary and classical dance techniques, and somatic movement practices such as Yoga, Authentic Movement, T'ai Chi and the Eyerman Technique (itself a synthesis of Feldenkrais and Yoga). The emphasis is on developing a strong, centered and dynamic use of the body, focusing on awareness, clarity and ease in movement, underpinned by a concern for healthy and sustainable practice. Her creative workshops invite participants to engage on journeys of exploration, discovery and articulation of ideas and concepts through movement, experiential anatomy and process-based work.


Areas of interest and expertise include: contemporary dance practices; somatic practices; embodiment in the context of dance; collaborative and interdisciplinary performance practice; improvisation in performance; dance and technology


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Hawksley, S. (2021) Landscape in the figure: cultivating presence as nature , Conceição | Conception. Campinas, SP. (Special Issue - Anthropo-scenes: performing arts, ecology, and diversity of ways of life). Vol. 10, (00), p. e021009.

Hawksley, S. (2016) Coping with the (interactive) environment: the performative potential of interactivity. Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices - Special issue, Embodiment, Interactivity and Digital Performance. Vol.8. (1) , pp.43-56.

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Biggs, S., Dima, M., Ekeus, H., Hawksley, S., Timmons, W. & Wright, M. (2009) The "H" in HCI: Enhancing perception of interaction through the performative. in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Including Subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics), Vol.5622, pp. 3-12.

Hawksley, S. (2009) re-membering(s): Being There and Then, and Here and Now. Premise, University of Edinburgh Post Graduate Student Journal

Hawksley, S. & Biggs, S. (2006) Memory Maps in interactive dance environments. International Journal of Performance Arts and Digital Media 2: 2, pp. 123-137.


6th International Dance and Somatic Practices Conference - Coventry University
Film-sharing - Dwell: landscape in the figure

SIGGRAPH '22, Immersive Pavilion - University of Vancouver
Presentation - Glasshouse: a Dance for Virtual Reality

ANAT SPECTRA 2022: Multiplicity - University of Melbourne
Demonstration - Glasshouse: a VR dancework by Sarah Neville

ISCMA 2019: Art Machines. International Symposium on Computational Media Art, City University of Hong Kong
Paper - Dancer in the Machine

Panpapanpalya 2018: 2nd Joint Congress World Dance Alliance & Dance and the Child International, University of South Australia
Lecture demonstration Double Agent
Panel discussion Moving together: Intergenerational dance, somatic education and urban citizenship

Creative Industries Research Seminar series, University of South Australia
Perfomance & workshop - Crosstalk

Electronic Literature Organization Conference, University of Bergen
Paper & demonstration - Crosstalk

Choreographic Research Aotearoa, National Institute of Creative Arts and Industries University of Auckland
Presentation - Dancing to an Understanding of Embodiment: practice-led PhD process

Sonic Arts Research forum, University of Adelaide
Presentation - Interdisciplinary collaborative performance practice: Crosstalk

MOCO 14 International Workshop on Movement and Computing, Pompidou Centre, Paris
Paper and demonstration - Crosstalk: Making People in Interactive Spaces

ASU Art Museum, Arizona State University
Performance - Crosstalk. Panel discussion Making People in interactive spaces

Edinburgh International Festival Glitch'd Workshop, University of Edinburgh
Performance & presentation - Crosstalk

TaPRA 2013 Conference, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Paper - Crosstalk

ISEA 203: 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, University of Sydney
Paper- Somatic Data as Agency in Interactive Dance

1st International conference on Multimodal Communication: Language, Performance and Digital Media, Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Paper - Bodytext: Computing Soma

P{e/a}r{i/a}meter Symposium 2012, University of Edinburgh
Presentation and screening - Traces of Places

Gaming the Game: Tweaking, Cheating, Hacking, Creeping - International conference, UC Davis
Performance & presentation Bodytext

Pecha Kucha Edinburgh #16, Inspace University of Edinburgh
20x20 presentation - Edinburgh (Dance) Steps

Artachat @ Beholder Exhibition, Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
Performance, panel discussion & screening - Traces of Places

Neuroscience and Dance Workshop, University of Glasgow
Paper - haptic_dance

Dance and Somatic Practices International conference, University of Coventry
Paper - Choreographic and somatic strategies for navigating bodyscapes and tensegrity schemata

P{e/a}r{i/a}meter Symposium 2011, University of Edinburgh
Paper - Where the Dance Is

Embodied Values: the Senses in Motion Seminar, University of Edinburgh
Experiential session - haptic_dance

Bodies in Movement: Intersecting Discourses of Materiality in the Sciences and the Arts. International conference, University of Edinburgh
Paper - Bodytext: speech, script, (re)action, iteration. An enactive, interactive inquiry into embodiment and language

Figures of the Visceral Symposium, University of Edinburgh
Paper - Body-scapes and tensegrity-schemata: performative strategies for negotiating multiple-selves and unstable environments.
Performance - Bodytext

SEAM 2010: Somatic Embodiment, Agency and Mediation in Digital Mediated Environments Symposium, University of Western Sydney/Critical Path
Performance & presentation Bodytext

Theorizing Creativity: embodiment, enaction and its (a)logical signature Seminar series, IASH, University of Edinburgh
Paper - Work in movement: enactive performance

Watching Dance: Kinaesthetic Empathy International Conference, University of Manchester
Movement workshop and Poster - Tactile Manoeuvres: touch and intention in dance

Edinburgh College of Art Research Seminar Series, University of Edinburgh
Panel discussion - Kinaesthesia: The Fuzzy Physicality of Being

Philosophy of Cognitive Science Doctoral Group Workshop. University of Edinburgh
Paper - What choreographic, compositional and mediation strategies might engage, challenge or reveal the (dancing) embodied mind?

Making Music for Dance, Making Dance with Music Symposium, University of Aberdeen/DanceLive @ Sound festival
Presentation - re-membering(s)

Dissolving Borders: Sustainability, Dance Ecology and the Moving Body Symposium, Northumbria University
Paper - Valuing old Vines

Locating Inheritance: past + future PG research student conference, University of Edinburgh
Paper - The Muscle is a Mind?

Digital Cultures Research Lab. Nottingham Trent University
Lab session: / Workshop and Symposium Panel - Capturing Dance/ Dance Software/ Dance and Science

massage & bodywork


2017-20 - Rub Massage, Adelaide
2015-16 - Not Knots Massage @ Physio Pilates Proactive and Stomping Ground Studios, Adelaide
2007-12 - Treatment Room @ Dance Base, Edinburgh; Energetics, Edinburgh; Freedom from Torture, Glasgow
1998-00 - Natureworks @ Danceworks, London
1997-99 - Integrated Health Clinics @ Holmes Place, London


ongoing - CPD workshops, courses, conferences
1995-96 - Ken Eyerman School of Bodywork and Movement (AETP)
1990-91 - Massage Training Institute: Anatomy, Physiology and Holistic Massage (ITEC, MTI)