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the waiting room

1998. Interactive installation by visual artist Simon Biggs.

Visuals - Simon Biggs; audio - Stuart Jones; choreography - Sue Hawksley; costumes - Rosa Maggiore
Performers - Colin Poole, Paul Old, Stefan Karsberg, Mariana Dodig, Judy Gordon, Sue Hawksley

► VIDEO DOCUMENTATION: installation at Sheffielf Railway Station

The Waitingh Room is a virtual interractive tango, with a double screen projection. Six projected performers enter, sit and wait, or leave to dance a tango on the opposite side of the room.
Their movements, persona, gender and the music they dance to shift and change as a result of the position and movement of the viewers in the room, who are remotely sensed by infra-red camera.

Exhibited at Sheffield Railway Station, 1998 as part of Site Gallery's Shunted