From the Inside [Tokuremoar]

2019-20. Live performance work for a group exhibition of artworks curated and directed by photographer Richard Hodges, responding to Tokuremoar, an ancient remnant Tea-tree reserve on the southern coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula.

Curation, direction, video, photography: Richard Hodges.
Choreographic concept: Tammy Arjona, with Cinzia Schicharol and Sue Hawksley.
Dancers: Tammy Arjona & Sue Hawksley.
Music - Andrew McNicol & Suzi Windram.
Live drawing - Margie Hooper.

R & D supported by DanceHub SA.

images Richard Hodges

praxis ARTSPACE, Bowden: exhibition 16th May - 14th June 2019; performances May 16th and 30th 6pm.
Signal Point Gallery, Goolwa: performance 7th November 2020


> excerpts from performance at Signal Point Gallery
> Tokuremoar in C Major 1st Movement - video by Richard Hodges
> Tokuremoar in Flood - video by Richard Hodges


Artlink Magazine, 5th June 2019 - review by Chris Reid