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2009. Collaborative research and performance project by articulate animal and the other ensemble.

Choreography - Sue Hawksley in collaboration with the dancers. Composer - Suzanne Parry. Dancers - Lucy Boyes, Freya Jeffs, Sue Hawksley, Steinvor Palsson, Skye Reynolds. Musicians - Suzanne Parry (bass clarinet), Richard Worth (flute), Luke Drummond (prepared piano and vibrophone), Chris Greive (trombone)
R & D supported through a choreographic residency at Dance Base Edinburgh

Photos: Ewan John

A series of improvised miniatures in contemporary music and dance, exploring the fragments, echoes and traces unfolding within the performance, revealing the detail of the moment.

Performance - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009, Dance Base Edinburgh
Performance - Dance Live! 09 / Sounds festival, Woodend Barn, Banchory
Presented at Making Music for Dance, Making Dance with Music Symposium, University of Aberdeen/DanceLive @ Sound festival, 2009

"The force of the dance comes through the attention to detail and the intricacy of gesture and step: from each individual's isolated dance, a group choreography emerges." Gareth K. Vile, the Skinny

"Spoken directions for movements became, like the shifting timbres of the music, an encouragement to take risks." Mary Brennan, The Herald


Hawksley, S. (2009) Re-membering(s): Being There and Then, and Here and Now Premise October 2009.

Vile, Gareth K. (2009) Articulating the Unspoken The Skinny 19th August 2009
- an interview with Sue Hawksley in which they discuss re-membering(s)