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2006. Performance work for six dancers.

Choreography - Sue Hawksley with the dancers. Music by Nils Petter Molvaer
Performers - Lee Davern, Said Dakash, Sarah Eldin, Emilie Limousin, Myong-Hee Yamamoto, Georgiana Cavendish
R & D supported by RODA choreographic lab at Yorkshire Dance Centre, Leeds, 2006

He sewed up his lips so that he could speak out.
He sewed up his eyes to make others see.
He sewed up his ears to make others hear.
You whose eyes, ears and mouths are free, see, hear and speak out.

Abas Amini

During the RODA choreographic lab the dancers improvised and explored movement ideas around themes of identity, persecution,sensory deprivation and sensory overload, inspired by the actions of asylum seeker Abas Amini who in 2003 sewed up his lips, eyes and ears as a protest against the UK Home Office' treatment of his case

Performance of work-in-progress at Yorkshire Dance Centre, Leeds, 2006