2009. Interactive installation environment by Distance Lab: artists Tomoko Hayashi, Stefan Agamanolis, and Matthew Karau.

Choreography and performance by Sue Hawksley, with dancer Steinvor Palsson.
Music composed and performed by Peter Gregson.

photos: Distance Lab

Designed as a "body-drawing communicator for distant partners" the Muutsugoto installation comprises two remotely located networked beds. A touch-activated ring lights up when held, and an overhead camera and projector allow the wearers to 'draw' lines of light which are visible to the other person. When the lights crosses the body, they create the sensation of being touched, and when the lines of light meet, they twinkle and deepen in colour, indicating the presence of the other person.

Live telematic performance between installations at CCA Glasgow and New Media Scotland Edinburgh, also projected on the BBC Big Screen in Festival Square, Edinburgh.