A solo dancework received by touch. Choreography and performance - Sue Hawksley
R & D supported by choreographic residencies at Dance House, Glasgow and Dance Base, Edinburgh. Thanks to dancers Freya Jeffs and Hannah Seignior for their contribution to the choreographic process.

photo: Maria Falconer

haptic_dance is a tactual dance performance - a dance performed through touch - for an audience of one. The work aims to make tangible some impressions of the dancer's subjective experience of dancing. The audience member is seated to receive the dance, which comprises a choreographed sequence of touches, brushes, pressures and holds. Following the performance, they are invited to make any expression of their own - this may be through writing, drawing, or dance.

Performed at unoccupied exhibition: Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh, 2012
Presented at Neuroscience and Dance Workshop (part of the Watching Dance research project) University of Glasgow, 2011
Presented and performed at Embodied Values - Senses in Motion Symposium, IASH University of Edinburgh, 2011
Movement workshop and poster presentation at Watching Dance International conference, University of Manchester, 2010

Hawksley, S. (2013) Dancing on the Head of a Sin Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Special Issue: Without Sin: Taboo and Freedom within Digital Media, Vol 19 (4), pp.84-97.

Tactile Manoeuvres: touch and intention in dance Poster presented at Watching Dance; Kinaesthetic Empathy conference

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