Drifts through Debris

2012. Installation artwork by ⁓ in the fields artists collective: Nicole Heidtke and Stefan Baumberger

Choreography & performance: Sue Hawksley and Tony Mills.

photos: ⁓ in the fields

⁓ in the fields have reinvented the 16th century bookwheel of Agostino Ramelli as a hands-on wheel made of steel, back projection and driftwood The work draws attention to the growing problem of oceanic plastic pollution. Dance loops, choreographed and performed by Sue Hawksley and Tony Mills, are projected within the wheel. The choreography references photographs documenting the impact of plastic pollution and poems by Ken Cockburn, which are also recited as audio loops in the wheel.

Exhibited at ⁓ in the fields solo exhibition at Inspace, Edinburgh - Edinburgh International Art Festival, 2012