danced process #1: talking-while-dancing

2008. Solo performance practice and improvisation score

choreography and performance - Sue Hawksley

danced process #1 was presented in the Sculpture Court at Edinburgh College of Art in November 2008 as part of document, a group exhibition by Postgraduate students of the University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art

photos: Jon Bird & Mike Bowdidge

The work comprises tasks of set or improvised dance material to be performed while situated among the public with whom the dancer is talking-while-dancing. This performative device was chosen to create a choreographic situation whereby the dancer would be cognitively challenged and embedded in the environment.

danced process #1 raises questions about the notions of 'embodiment' and 'embodied mind', the nature of performance, the role of gesture, and the difficulties for both performer and audience inherent in the cognitive multi-tasking required to engage in the process.