Interactive performance installation artwork by visual artist Simon Biggs, composer Garth Paine and dance artist Sue Hawksley. Software development by Hadi Mehrpouya.
Performance at the University of South Australia, Adelaide in July 2016 with dancer Tanya Voges.
Further development and production at Arizona State University in January 2014 with dancers Angel Crissman and Michaela Konzal.
R & D supported by an artists residency at the Bundanon Trust, New South Wales in July 2013 with dancer Lucy Boyes.

Crosstalk is for two performers; their movement and speech are re-mediated within an augmented environment employing real-time 3D motion tracking, multi-source voice recognition, interpretative language systems, 3D visualisation within a custom physics engine, large scale projection and surround-sound audio synthesis. The acquired speech of the dancers is re-mediated through projected digitaldisplay and sound synthesis, the performers causing texts to interact and recombine with one another through their physical actions. The elements in the system all effect how each adapts, from state to state, as the various elements of the work - people, machines, language, image, movement and sound - interact with one another. Crosstalk seeks to consider social relations, as articulated in language acts of various kinds in relation to the ontologies of self-hood and the generative capacity of technologically mediated social space in 'making people'.

Performed at the Hartley Playhouse, University of South Australia, Adelaide, July 2016
Presented at the Electronic Literature Organization Conference 2015 Bergen, Norway 2015
Presented at Art.CHI 2015 Interactive Media Workshop, Seoul, Korea 2015
Performance at ASU Art Museum, Tempe AZ, January 2014.
Presented at MOCO 14 - International Workshop on Movement and Computing, IRCAM, Paris, June 2014
Presented at the TaPRA conference, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow, September 2013
Premiered in Glitch'd workshop program as part of the Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh, August 2013

full video documentation of Crosstalk performed at Hartley Playhouse, University of South Australia, 2016
full video documentation of Crosstalk performed at Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, USA, 2014
edited video documentation of Crosstalk performed at Arizona State University Art Museum, Tempe, USA, 2014

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Ravetto-Biagioli, K. (2019) Digital Uncanny. Oxford University Press: New York, NY.
- a book by Kriss Ravetto-Biagioli in which she discusses Crosstalk.

2019 Sue Hawksley