Change Around Time

2023. Dance film (03:20)

Concept, performance: Cynthia Schwertsik & Sue Hawksley
Camera, sound: Caspar Hawksley
Edit: Cynthia Schwertsik & George Graetz

Commissioned by Dance Hub SA in partnership with Ausdance ACT for Dance.Focus
© 2023. an articulate animal | Cynthia Schwertsik production

Change Around Time is a sensitive yet playful response to the transformative role of bushfire and its confronting capacity for destruction and regeneration. Incongruously situated in a fire-scarred natural environment, two heavily dressed performers divest themselves of layer upon layer of clothes; they then redress. Their movements are shaped by their activity as they remove and scatter, retrieve, reverse and replace articles of clothing. Sue Hawksley and Cynthia Schwertsik are interested in the use of the everyday and the absurd as tools for building awareness of the eco-socio-cultural impact of human and environmental activity and events.


Premiered online on Dance Hub SA YouTube Channel, Adelaide. October 2023.
Trilogy Dancefilm Festival, Goodwood Theatre, Adelaide. October 2023.

This work was created on the traditional lands of the Kaurna and Peramangk peoples. We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, beliefs and relationship with the land and pay our respects to Elders past, present and future.

Recognised nationally, Dance.Focus is a dance film initiative by Dance Hub SA in partnership with Ausdance ACT and proudly supported by Ausdance SA, Alchemy Dance Collective & Torbreck Vintners. The commission is designed to challenge, resonate and engage with screen dance.