2007. Duet dancework with live percussion.

Choreography: Sue Hawksley with Vivien Wood
Performance: Sue Hawksley and Vivien Wood Music composed and performed by Signy Jakobsdottir
Costumes designed and made by Selina Nightingale

Commissioned by citymoves, Aberdeen
R & D supported through a choreographic residency at Dance Base, Edinburgh.
Thanks also to the Space at Dundee College and Dame Allan's Schools, Newcastle.

performance at PVA Aberdeen 2007: performers Viv Wood, Sue Hawksley, Signy Jacobsdottir

carrier is an abstract dance-work engaging themes of transmission, mutation and metamorphosis, evoking fears of contamination and disease. The space is cut and divided and the audience' view altered and obscured by gauzes and screens; costumes change and transform. The concept and design of the piece draw on notions of exterior beauty belying interior dangers, with references and allusions to viruses, epidemics and witch-hunts. The spoken texts derive from the Malleus Malificarum, the 15th century treatise on witches.

Performances at Peacock Visual Arts Aberdeen, DanceLive! 07.