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Traces of Places

2011. Dance-for-camera work.

Choreography - Sue Hawksley with Freya Jeffs; performer - Freya Jeffs; camera, direction, editing, sound - Roddy Simpson
R & D supported by the Workroom, Glasgow. Thanks also to the Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh.
© 2011 a Roddy Simpson/articulate animal production

photo: Roddy Simpson

When you can move through a house blindfolded it belongs to you ...
as if you were a blueprint of your house.
(Michael Oondatje, 1989)


A dancer moves through the mnemonic traces of places which inhabit and haunt her presence; shifting between 'here and now' and 'there and then', kinaesthetic memories unfold, rewind, and interweave.

Traces of Places has been screened at:
DANCE FILM 11 Shorts Programme - BBC Big Screen, Edinburgh, 2011
Jump Cut Dance Film Festival, New Works programme: screening with live performance - Dundee, 2012
Glow Dance Film Festival - Hereford, 2012
U Dance Festival Fresh Takes - Southbank Centre, London, 2012
Les 25es Instants Video Festival - Cairo, October 2012; Tokyo, 2013
Sonica 2012 - CCA Glasgow, 2012


Hawksley, S. (2012) Traces of Places. The Peripatetic Studio. Available from: http://twopoint5.co.uk/tps/traces-of-places/